A list of Software Projects
Development ยท 2013 - Present
Instant Apps, but for iOS. Designed the app, won 3rd place at Battle of the Hacks.
Web app to emit files to nearby computers through sound. Designed the animations and a short animation video.
Designed and thought through a different way to write journals. Implemented web app to learn new technologies(ES6, Webpack and RethinkDB) and to write about my internship experiences.
Chrome extension to type in Chrome by playing the guitar. Built at EngHack 2015. Designed the interaction between the guitar and the keyboard as well as the UI.
A website to host my photos. Initially an interview project for Slack. Built with vanilla JavaScript (no JQuery!).
A concept to generate a timelapse of webpage design changed over time. Built at McHacks 2015.
SE LaTeX Notes
Class notes written in LaTeX to improve in LaTeX as well as to have beautiful notes because LaTeX is so beautiful. I also enjoy helping other people do well at school :)
A web app to go through random GIFs of Super Smash Melee gameplay. Built during GopherGala 2015 as a way to learn more about Go and its intricacies as well as Google App Engine.
A multiplayer coding game for people to program bots to collaboratively solve puzzles. Built at Facebook Global Hackathon 2014.
A virtual assistant that performs tasks purely through texts. Examples of tasks include checking email, and reading Hacker News and Reddit.
Best Word
A simple hack to compare two words to see which is "hotter" using the Twitter API. Built at hackWaterloo 2014
Android application to use the phone as a mouse for a computer. Winner of the Facebook Waterloo Hackathon 2014.
A web app to coordinate schedules with other people. Built to learn NodeJS, socket.io at MHacks 2014.
Android application to manage your WatCard finances. Built at EngHack 2013.
A Chrome Extension that blocks websites during certain hours.