Art ยท 2015 - Present
A collection of illustrations I made mostly in 2015. I've mostly been dabbling in web design hence why I haven't made any recent illustrations. Most of these were made with Figma and Sketch.
Working on an ampersand with Figma's pen tool
Logo for a web app I built at a hackathon in Singapore. It allowed you to transfer files through hooting sounds
Playing around with calligraphy
Marina Bay Sands, made during my exchange
Gamecube Controller. I'm a huge fan of Super Smash Bros Melee
Golden Gate bridge at day time
Golden Gate bridge at night time
An attempt at drawing a camera from a top view
After finishing exams
During exams
Cooking salmon
Self conflicted about studying
Learning how to draw with a Wacom
Logo for a Chrome extension where you can type characters with your guitar
Playing around with masking and my initials
Latte art
Are you hungry yet?
Playing around with my name
Headphones, in my favorite color
Brain Blast!
Screaming sup via a megaphone
Let's go to Mars soon
Time to get into photography
Inspired by a Dribbble post. I love star gazing
Free pizza at info sessions
My first ever Sketch illustration