This is a running list of cool links I find on the internet. I’m hoping to synthesize my quick thoughts on them and also document them.


09/24: The Social Dilemma

Loved this documentary. Super thought provoking, would highly recommend. I’ve been thinking about the role that data plays in our lives. My opinion is that data is incredibly valuable when private but is a net liability when public. Given the capitalist goals of companies and the competitive edge data gives, the unfortunate nash equilibrium for commercial data usage is for companies to leverage user data. E.g. Companies with network effects have far more leverage than those with no network effects.

07/18: GPT-3: Creative Potential of NLP

The tech is unbelievable. But what interests me is how this would get used. Tech isn’t taught about right from wrong so I’m worried that it can do as much harm as good.

08/01: Shallou’s sound

I’m in love with Shallou’s sound. It’s insane to think that his sound processing is so minimal. Similar to how some people can draw the craziest things with a kindergardener’s pencil, Shallou can take the simple building blocks to create something that transcends sound.